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Executions in several states have been stymied by global drug companies’ opposition to supplying products for death sentences, and difficulties in finding effective replacements. Dozier, 47, had been scheduled to be put to death at 8 p.m. (0300 GMT on Thursday) at a state prison in Ely, Nevada, about 245 miles (395 km) north of Las Vegas, in what would have been the state’s first execution in 12 years. But the ruling by Clark County District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez, and the stay that followed from Judge Jennifer Togliatti, left uncertain when his execution could proceed. Gonzalez set a status check on the case for Sept. 10, court spokeswoman Mary Ann Price said. Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Santina said the execution would remain effectively postponed for at least that long. In its lawsuit on Tuesday, privately held Alvogen said use of its product midazolam for an execution would cause “irreparable injury” to “its reputation and its goodwill.” Scott Raymond Dozier appears in a photo provided by the Nevada Department of Corrections, July 11, 2018. Nevada Department of Corrections/Handout via REUTERS Nevada corrections officials revised their lethal injection protocol last week, saying they were switching to midazolam to replace expired prison supplies of another sedative, diazepam.

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Now Parent Zone , an advice service for parents and schools, is demanding urgent action to close the loophole that allows skins to serve as a digital currency that can be gambled and cashed out. Giles Milton, Parent Zone’s head of content, said its investigation showed gaming firms were not doing enough to stop it: “It is gambling and children should not be gambling online. Parents need to understand what their children are doing with their money.” There are concerns the trade in skins – of which there are 6bn in circulation worth an estimated £10bn – could itself be fuelling the rise in addictive gaming among teenagers. This month the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified gaming addiction as a medical disorder treatable on the NHS. The Telegraph is campaigning for a statutory Duty of Care on gaming and social media firms making them legally responsible for protecting children from harms. The scale of skins betting is exposed by an Ipsos MORI poll for Parent Zone which found 10 per cent of 13-18 year-olds admitted gambling on unregulated casino, esports betting or mystery box games, equivalent to almost 450,000 teenagers. More than a quarter (27 per cent) had heard of skins gambling, and 29 per cent thought it was a “very big” or “fairly big” problem for under 18s. Despite age-verification procedures to keep under 18s off some gaming and gambling sites, the poll found 46 per cent said they were able to freely access 18-plus sites if they wanted. One teenager claimed to Parent Zone to have amassed £2,000 worth of skins before blowing it all on a gambling site.  A 14-year-old told of a 15 year-old friend collecting £1,000 of skins before trying skins gambling. “He lost [money twice] and wanted to get his £10 back.

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